Subject: BSD User's Group meeting minutes
From: Bryan Phillippe
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 23:06:19 -0800 (PST)
To: Seattle BSD Users

[I really should defer the task of writing the minutes to Jeremy, who seems
to take real notes. :-)  Hopefully my regurgitation from memory is close to

The second BSD User's Group meeting was held Thursday night, November 20th,
at 6:00pm in the F5 Game Room.  There were about 15 attendees, including 4
from F5.  This is about 5 fewer than last month (the first meeting).  The
meeting lasted until about 8:30.

Although no formal agenda had been planned for the night, FreeBSD committer
Jeff Roberson gave an excellent off-the-cuff presentation on the FreeBSD
kernel, including architecture and some of the design roadmap.  FreeBSD
committer Jonathan Mini also made contributions to the presentation.  Jeff
and Jonathan fielded all manner of questions, from kqueue to SMP to
saber-rattling SCO.  At a later point, Jeff gave an articulate crash-course
introduction to configuring, building and installing a FreeBSD kernel,
demonstrated on the projector.

Pizza and pop were consumed, and a number of other interesting and
spontaneous discussions were had, including comparisons to Linux (both
technical/kernel and licensing issues), micro benchmarks for various BSD's,
and discussion of topics for future meetings.

Jeremy Reed indicated he has arranged for a Western Washington professor of
Computer Science (oh dear, if I took notes I'd recall his name) to present
at the next meeting (December 18th, IIRC) on either a) introduction to
kernel programming; or b) the CODA filesystem.  Jeremy can provide details.

Thanks to Jeremy Reed for organizing the meetings, Mark Foster for pizza
and drinks, F5 networks for use of the meeting room, and everyone who
showed up!

Hope to see all of you and more at the next meeting.


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