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Re: Speakeasy using this list for spam?

hey kris-

although i know speakeasy may send out mail to people who have inquired about services, they 
would *never* send mail to a listname that is not at all related to speakeasy in any manner.

i'd be the first to complain to those sending it if i knew it was true :)


On Thu, Jan 24, 2002 at 01:58:32AM -0800, Kristopher Zentner wrote:
> Hmmm....I just got spammed by speakeasy. I'm wondering if anyone else got
> it: "Subject: SPECIAL OFFER! Joining SPEAKEASY.net is easy!".
> All I have to say is if they're using this list for spamming purposes.
> That's pretty lame. =p
> -Kris
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