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Re: THOUGHT.ORG somehow dropped from NS2.OZN.NET...

A few quick thoughts on this thread.  (Sorry if this is OT, but I feel it 
is important enough to warrant it.)

First, I see no record of ever having hosted "thought.org" on any of our 
nameservers.  We generally keep pretty good records, so I'd be surprised if 
we were ever a valid secondary for this domain.  You may have listed us as 
one on the domain registration, but I see no indication of ever having 
actually been configured to serve as one.  The domain name rings a bell, 
but IIRC it was owned by a downstream customer, and was not hosted by 
us.  I could be wrong, but see nothing to indicate that I am.  E-mail me 
off-list if you want to discuss further.

Second, the remark about "Chapter 7" could not be further from the 
truth.  Speculating like that is pretty unfair and inappropriate, 
IMHO.  (Did you bother to ask first?)  We are cash-flow positive and 
investing heavily in our network.  Our newsletter has made the latter 
pretty clear, I think.  Have you read it?

Third, and perhaps most importantly, the issue with slow responses from 
tech support is one we are working day and night to resolve.  Staffing on 
the tech floor is an issue right now.  We have been completely forthcoming 
about this in our newsletter.  We have hired three more full time techs in 
the last week or so and should have them up and running after they complete 
training.  I agree that there is no excuse for unanswered email, not ever, 
but want you to know that we ARE aware of the fact that support is 
sometimes not as responsive as it should be and ARE taking immediate action 
to correct it.  In fairness, the problem stemmed from an attempt to improve 
support -- we split tech support and customer care apart so that the techs 
could focus on nerdy stuff and the customer care reps could focus on 
everything else.  This inadvertently left the tech floor short-staffed, as 
we underestimated the ratio of tech support to customer care calls and 
perhaps moved too many people from tech to customer care.   This is as much 
my fault as anyone's, and for that, I apologize.

Anyway, I appreciate the list members who forwarded this posting to me and 
hope that this answers any questions that may be lingering.  The merger of 
oz.net with The River has been a challenge and there have been rough edges 
at times, but overall, we are a much stronger company with a much better 
network than we were before, and I believe that most of our customers know 


-- Jared

:: Jared B. Reimer <jared@theriver.com>
:: VP Operations - The River Internet Access Co.
:: +1 (877) 88-RIVER  http://www.theriver.com/

>From: Gary Kline <kline@toxic.magnesium.net>
>To: seafug@dub.net
>Subject: THOUGHT.ORG somehow dropped from NS2.OZN.NET...
>         Sometime yesterday I stopped getting mail via my own
>         demain at kline@thought.org.   Only mail send to me using
>         my FQDN gets thru.   ...So it looks like Oz.net//aka theriver.com
>         dropped my domain from their secondary.
>         Has anybody heard anything about theriver.com?  Like maybe
>         they are on the edge of going Chapter 7?  Two emails have
>         gone unanswered whch is not how the ISP was a year ago.
>         If I decide to--or have to--change ISP's, who is good in
>         the Seattle area?
>         thamks,
>         gary
>Gary Kline  Seattle FBSD Users' Group (seafug)      | kline@magnesium.net
>             Thought Unlimited Org                   | kline@thought.org
>             http://www.magnesium.net/~kline