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Re: A proposal

dig thought.org ns 
I see that you have ns1.thought.org and ns2.oz.net as your nameservers.
You should also add or replace the other two (ns2 & ns2.secondary.com)
as nameservers for your domain. You can list up to 8 nameservers I

I myself list the ns(1|2).secondary.com servers as my *only*
nameservers, using what's called a shadow (or stealth) master. This
eliminates queries into my @HOME box which the master zonefile resides.

The registry provides the nameserver data, not the registrar (probably a
common misconception these days). The registrar takes your money and
updates the registry on your behalf.

On Fri, 2002-01-18 at 06:08, alex wetmore wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Jan 2002 kline@magnesium.net wrote:
> > 	Does anyone know why my other secondaries didn't kick in
> > 	when NS2.OZ.NET dropped my domain?  he following tble is
> > 	pasted from my DNS/BIND files.  In db.thought.org I've
> > 	got the following list of servers:
> >
> > ; name servers
> >         IN      NS ns1.thought.org.
> >         IN      NS ns2.oz.net.
> >         IN NS ns1.secondary.com.
> >         IN NS ns2.secondary.com.
> >
> >
> > 	When I began to realize that *I* was not at fault, it
> > 	struck me that the ns?.secondary.com servers didn't
> > 	save me.
> You don't list thought.org as backup DNS servers in your record with
> the registrar.  There is no way for anything to know that they were
> providing DNS backup in this case.
> alex
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