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A proposal

Gary's plight got me thinking about facing the same kind of situation.

For me, being down for an extended period of time would mean that my e-mail 
would start bouncing, or people trying to e-mail me would start getting  
messages that their message is in the queue awaiting response from my 

Yes, I admit it, I've got no secondary mail exchange. But I don't think I'm 
the only one facing a big blackout should things get messed up. 

So, if any of you want a secondary mail exchange, I'll accept mail for your 
domain on my server under a catchall account. (easy to fetch & proc w/ a 
cron job) 

I'm running POP3 and IMAP, secure POP3 & secure IMAP (but I haven't gotten a 
signed certificate yet, so there's an annoyance factor in using secure 
services right now). 

What the heck, if any of you have a domain you've been wanting to use, but 
haven't had the resources, I can set up my server to act as primary mail 
exchange for your domain. You can send e-mail via the secure web-mail 

If there's enough interest in doing something like this, where our servers 
can cover for each other, or provide community resources for each other, 
maybe we can meet somewhere to talk about it. 


Gary Kline writes: 

> On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 05:52:36PM -0800, alex wetmore wrote:
>> On Thu, 17 Jan 2002, Gary Kline wrote:
>> > 	Sometime yesterday I stopped getting mail via my own
>> > 	demain at kline@thought.org.   Only mail send to me using
>> > 	my FQDN gets thru.   ...So it looks like Oz.net//aka theriver.com
>> > 	dropped my domain from their secondary.
>> >
>> > 	Has anybody heard anything about theriver.com?  Like maybe
>> > 	they are on the edge of going Chapter 7?  Two emails have
>> > 	gone unanswered whch is not how the ISP was a year ago. 
>> As far as I know they are not on the edge of going under.  They've
>> been spending money on upgrading their network infrastructure and
>> hiring new support staff, and those aren't things that a company
>> about to go under usually does. 
>> If you are having problems with support send email to jared@oz.net.
>> I've had problems with support not answering, but he generally takes
>> care of my problems.
> 	Thanks for the name of a warm body.   Strange thing is that
> 	they//at least their 520 number answers almost immediately.
> 	I *have* had to wait for tech support, but no prob since I 
> 	use a speakkerphone. 
> 	gary 
>> I don't use their DNS services, but I've had DSL through them for
>> three and a half years. 
>> alex 
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