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Re: THOUGHT.ORG somehow dropped from NS2.OZN.NET...

> > 
> > I've got oz/theriver DSL and am happy with it (and it's up right now).  
> > They don't do DNS for my domains, but try 1-877-88-RIVER (off www.oz.net).
> > 
> > 
> > Troy

	When my router was (Obviously) down, it was simplefor me 
	to call say say, "I have no DSL."  It took  17 minutes the
	first time for the tech to understand my impaired speech;
	the second time, 45 seconds.

	But to call and explain that

	1. I'm doing my own DNS
	2. that email to kline@thouught.org bounces 
	   and nslookup thought.org fail
	3. that email to my FQDN + nslookup tao.thought.org | 
	   dig tao.thought.org work well


	4. that my thinking is that they (theriver.com)
	   somehow omitted my domain from their secondary --
	   please check.

	is too much.

	WHy would they ignored two emails?  (*mumble*:)


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            Thought Unlimited Org                   | kline@thought.org