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Re: USWest and Covad

On 16 Nov 2000, Sean Jensen_Grey wrote:

> You could be closer to the qwest office, AND qwest uses different equip which
> would probably give you higher bandwidth.

nope, the two are one in the same.

usworst/qworst is the ILEC ( incumbent local access carrier - the original
facility owner via our lovely former telecom quasi-monopoly )

covad/northpoint/rhythms are CLEC ( competitive local access carrier ) -
the folks allowed to compete as a result of the Perfidious and
Mischieveous Telecommunications Confoundment Act of 1997. ( the one that
mandates basic cable to make the masses happy, but enshrines massive
quantities of anticompetitive crap )

so the ILEC has to lease space in the Central Office ( mine is RTNWA01,
what's yours? i know *way* more about this than i ever wanted to
learn :-) ) and lines to the CLECs.

where it get's achingly fucked is that the ILEC often has to *fix* CO's
and lines to make them suitable for DSL. It's expensive, and the profit on
the line lease doesnt seem to make it worthwhile.

so the ILEC sez: sure we can sell u dsl. then they order the line from the
CLEC. the CLEC eventually tells them that it needs fixin' and they dont
wanna due it.

then john gets pissed off again.

the really good thing about speakeasy is that they have a really good
system for making all of the facts known to you as they process your
order. nobody else is quite as efficient at this ( and i think i have been
thru 6 of them )

the one good thing is that i have noticed a lot of telco activity on my
street lately. maybe they are fixing the bridge taps in my neighborhood,
which then means that they would remove the load coils. which would then
mean that i too could have 144K IDSL.

man i'd be happy.

if this doesnt work out, then i am buying a 128K ricochet wireless modem
when they come out and using it to connect the house.

> I would go through the "line test" web site that usworst offered awhile back.
> http://megawot.uswest.com/availability/login.asp?qSK=&qOT=&qPK=&qLMI=
> On 16 Nov 2000, Gary Kline wrote:
> > 
> > 
> >     Well, I heard from Oz.net today.  The bottom line is that my house
> >     is 4 miles from Covad's office and that for $100/month I can get
> >     144k ISDN.   :(
> > 
> >     The one time I checked with USWest I seemed to be within their
> >     DSL service area.  (?)  Forgive my ignorance, but are Covad and
> >     USWest/Quest competors?  and might it still be possible for me
> >     to get real DSL service thru Quest or whomever?
> > 
> >     Insights appreciated here!
> > 
> >     gary
> > 
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