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Re: DSL provider??

According to J. Scott Schiller:
> I must say, after 3 months with GTEi and GTE DSL, I highly recommend
> Wolfenet :) Honestly, I have a 768 up/down at home for when I telecommute
> and it tends to be more like 700-1000k; this is compared to a chopped Verio
> 1.5 in one of our offices that's DSL and _that_thing_stinks_. The killer
> is that the Verio line is supposed to be business class - Took 70 days
> to get the install right and I still don't think they have the router 
> right. Wolfenet through Pacific Crest just hasn't had problems that I 
> can think of. Just a nice little firehose.

	Is Wolfenet your ISP?   And Pacific Crest DSL?

	768k/sec is probably more than I'll need.  I do about 20 hours
	a week telecommuting and when the net network is all glued 
	together, the word is that everything will be done thru VNC.

	For www.thought.org, 256k ought to be plenty.  VNC, dunno.

   Gary D. Kline         kline@tao.thought.org          Public service Unix