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Re: DSL provider??

According to Chris Knutson:
> Well, I do work for an ISP that does sell DSL service through both
> USWest and Covad.  I work for Net-Venture (http://www.nventure.com) out
> of Auburn, WA (ignore the Telisphere addy, I'm canning them as soon as
> I set up a domain elsewhere).
> We charge $16.95 for residential DSL service (plus US West charges of
> course).  If you're interested let me find out on the static IP.  If
> you live in the city of Tacoma you could also go on Click as a
> different route.

	I live about 1.5 miles due East of the airport.  Roughly
	half-way between Seattle and Tacoma.  Right now we've got
	two lines from US West; voice and my machine line.  

	Do I need an ISP since I'll be doing my own DNS and so forth?
	I do need a static IP; the best of my small network is on my
	private net, but I want to have Thought.Org visable.  Right now
	I'm a lowly MX site.

	If I choose you guys, do I also have to mess with USWaste 
	myself?  If so I'd probably do better with SpeakEasy ...
	The fewer people I have to talkto or email the better!

	Please let me know what you find out.



   Gary D. Kline         kline@tao.thought.org          Public service Unix