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Re: DSL provider??

From: "Lisa Phillips" <phunk@grrl.org>
> Oz.NET was purchased awhile back by a Tucson based company called
> The River. Funnily enough I used to work for an ISP in Tucson and The
> River was a competitor. They just keep following me around
> :)

Well, they merged (rather than being acquired).

> At any rate, I imagine the "going down" feeling is due to their
> headquarters being based in Tucson, as well as general sort  of issues
> happen when an ISP is acquired.

The going down is largely related to them being required.  They also
changed their mode of operation quite a bit.  It used to be that you
dealt with oz.net through a distributor (I used one called Home Grown
Systems).  These guys provided support to you, and I had a distributor
which provided very good support.  It was also pretty easy to get a hold
of someone in a machine room via telephone.

Now all of the customer service is handled by The River.  It is harder
to talk to an actual oz.net person, and the customer support people from
The River don't seem to know all of the oz.net facts.  For instance
people have been complaining that The River is charging $20/ip instead
of $10, even though the oz.net price is $10 (it is $20 if you are in

Hopefully this will get straightened out.