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RE: DSL provider??

I must say, after 3 months with GTEi and GTE DSL, I highly recommend
Wolfenet :) Honestly, I have a 768 up/down at home for when I telecommute
and it tends to be more like 700-1000k; this is compared to a chopped Verio
1.5 in one of our offices that's DSL and _that_thing_stinks_. The killer
is that the Verio line is supposed to be business class - Took 70 days
to get the install right and I still don't think they have the router 
right. Wolfenet through Pacific Crest just hasn't had problems that I 
can think of. Just a nice little firehose.

Kind Regards,

Scott Schiller
GIA Web Services, Inc.

Get your @ together!

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Subject: DSL provider??

   Are there any recommendations for an ISP/DSL provider in town?

   I've emailed a few at least and explained that because of my
   speech impairment, email is the best means of communication.  I
   also made the mistake of mentioning that I would need to buy my
   own static IP and that I was running Berkeley Unix.

   Granted, the techies everywhere know all about *Nix, but that 
   probably doesn't apply to the salespeople up front.

   Any thoughts on this?


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