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Re: DSL provider??

I use USwest/Quest aka: Q-worse!! :P

just tell them you have a windows98 box like Philip said and you will be
fine.  :)

On 13 Nov 2000, Philip Hallstrom wrote:

> I've used two so far USWest and NWLink (both using USWest for the actual
> line).  I learned very quickly to never tell USWest that I had anything
> but a Win98 box hooked up, that yes, I'd rebooted it and my hub and was
> still having the problem.  I had some problems with my connection most of
> which they couldn't solve but would magically clear itself up after an
> hour or so.  On the whole they were fine, but tech support wasn't that
> good and to get static's costs more and they won't do reverse DNS unless
> they do all the DNS for your domain (lame)
> I've been pretty happy with NWLink... so far everyone I've talked to
> hasn't freaked when I said I had a FreeBSD firewall, etc... in fact a
> couple seemed happy that I did.  So far I've had good service from
> them.  I pay something lik $25/mo for 2 statics, 1gb transfer...
> Also, I've never used them, but OZ.net has been recommended (by alex i
> think) several times when this question comes up...
> -philip
> On 13 Nov 2000, Gary Kline wrote:
> >    Are there any recommendations for an ISP/DSL provider in town?
> > 
> >    I've emailed a few at least and explained that because of my
> >    speech impairment, email is the best means of communication.  I
> >    also made the mistake of mentioning that I would need to buy my
> >    own static IP and that I was running Berkeley Unix.
> > 
> >    Granted, the techies everywhere know all about *Nix, but that 
> >    probably doesn't apply to the salespeople up front.
> > 
> >    Any thoughts on this?
> > 
> >    gary
> > 
> > 
> > 
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