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Re: DSL provider??

I've used two so far USWest and NWLink (both using USWest for the actual
line).  I learned very quickly to never tell USWest that I had anything
but a Win98 box hooked up, that yes, I'd rebooted it and my hub and was
still having the problem.  I had some problems with my connection most of
which they couldn't solve but would magically clear itself up after an
hour or so.  On the whole they were fine, but tech support wasn't that
good and to get static's costs more and they won't do reverse DNS unless
they do all the DNS for your domain (lame)

I've been pretty happy with NWLink... so far everyone I've talked to
hasn't freaked when I said I had a FreeBSD firewall, etc... in fact a
couple seemed happy that I did.  So far I've had good service from
them.  I pay something lik $25/mo for 2 statics, 1gb transfer...

Also, I've never used them, but OZ.net has been recommended (by alex i
think) several times when this question comes up...


On 13 Nov 2000, Gary Kline wrote:

>    Are there any recommendations for an ISP/DSL provider in town?
>    I've emailed a few at least and explained that because of my
>    speech impairment, email is the best means of communication.  I
>    also made the mistake of mentioning that I would need to buy my
>    own static IP and that I was running Berkeley Unix.
>    Granted, the techies everywhere know all about *Nix, but that 
>    probably doesn't apply to the salespeople up front.
>    Any thoughts on this?
>    gary
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