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Re: PPP Undesireable Dialing

> hmm, bet you have your dns pointing to your isp or someplace beyond, yes?
> if so, i would suggest setting up one of your boxes as your dns server
> for your network.
> it's not really trivial, but i have done it a few times....there was a
> really great howto on this by some brazilian guy ( i think ). dont know if
> it's available on www.freebsd.org.
> or even simpler; change /etc/hosts.conf to look at the /etc/hosts file
> first and then dns on the samba box and set up your hosts file correctly
> on that box.

Yes, the DNS is my ISP.

However, why does that cause smbd/nmbd to look to the outside world?
There are no tasks I can find that request info from the outside
world.  The first thing I see happening is nmbd(?) pokes at
Or, I guess that is what > udp 68 > udp 68

in the output of 'tcpdump -i tun0' means.  Why is something using port
68?  This is

  bootpc           68/udp    dhcpc        #Bootstrap Protocol Client

if the entry in /etc/services is correct.

Or, am I confused?