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PPP Undesireable Dialing

I am about to change ISP's from Netcom to Silverlink.

There is one problem.  Netcom does not care if I am connected 24x365.
Silverlink does, wanting me to limit my connection time.

I think I have disabled anything that should access the network.  But,
I see periodic dialup connections.

My lan is simple, two machines:

        ppp                   lan
  ISP ------- FreeBSD 3.4 ------------ FreeBSD current

I am running samba on both machines.

With 'tcpdump -i tun0' on the FreeBSD 3.4 machine, I see > udp 68 > udp 68

This happens when the -current machine shows no network activity with
tcpdump.  So, I think the source of the outside network access is the
3.4 machine.

This looks like samba is causing the dialup.  Or, more likely nmbd.

Any ideas on how to determine stop smbd/nmbd from causing a dialup?