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Re: It Works! Was: Re: Apache and PHP problem, maybe someone in the group can help?

I highly recommend the book, "Professional PHP Programming" by Wrox
ISBN 1-861002-96-3  It's a little pricy running as high as $50 (I got mine for $30) but it covers the topic of PHP 
extremly well with examples that are given in depth and actually work. Two of the examples case studies use 
MySQL as the database. 


Cosmic-665 <cosmic@cosmic.care-gear.com> said: 

> Chip;
>   I recommend you call the 1/2 price bookstore (U-district) and see if
> they got a copy of the Oreily book on mysql.  Let me warn you that it
> sucks, but it's a good programming book (especially for around $18).  I
> looked through the mysql book by paul dubois and it seems to go into much
> bettter detail.  Webmaster in a nutshell is a great reference for PHP &
> apache as well.
> -cosmic-665
> On 1 Nov 2000, Chip wrote:
> > 
> > HALLELUJAH IT WORKS! Thank you, your instructions were perfect. I
> > also found
> > the DevShed web page with lots of info on settin up apache, php,
> > and mysql.
> > Now, to learn what I can do with it. I have mysql server
> > installed on a separate
> > machine and mysql client on the web server. 
> > I'm going to be at the meeting sunday, maybe see ya there?
> > --
> > Chip
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