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Re: swapon during install: howto

in the install process... you can turn swap on.  Just do alt-f4 while the
things installing and do what you please.  Note that you will have to give
complete pathnames!  Hell you can even recompile the kernel while the OS
is still being installed if you do it right :)  I have in the past.


On 31 Oct 2000, Wayne Smith wrote:

> howdy!
> installing 4.0 on an ast premmia 4/33, 8megs ram, 200 meg hd; ftp/nfs
> install from another 4.0 box over my lan.
> everything is ok until it starts extracting: most times it gets by this
> fine, but stops later.
> what i'm wondering is how soon in the swap process is the newly created
> and labeled swap space turned on?  is it possible to "step out" (virt
> term) and enable it?  if so, something like /mnt/sbin/swapon
> /dev/ad0s1b?  (i'll be checking the man pages as soon as i reboot to
> fbsd.  i'm also searching the archives and hoping to hear from someone
> soon.)
> thanks!