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Free BSD Vs. Linux

I'm new to this UG. It's tough to find a Free BSD UG with people at home. I
drew so many blanks.

A few questions if someone can help me.

I read where Linux is popular and Free BSD is better.  Recently Macintosh
OS X (ten) was written based on BSD. A Linux user remarked that that was a
stupid move that Linux would have been a better choice. I have Macs, PC's
running Linux and Windoze. But, from what I can find out BSD is better.

Any opinion about the Mac OS X? Linux runs on both Mac and PC.  BSD  ran on
PC's only I thought?
Will this help BSD?

I subscribe to several OS UG's. The Mac addicts are forever loyal. Here on
Okinawa, the Macintosh UG have the only members who know any thing about
Unix. They showed the PC UG how to install Red Hat.

The Linux crew is real loud now.  Years ago when Apple was the only David
willing to stand up to Microsoft, the Linux silence was deafening.

Free BSD has so many web sites that are dead. I found this UG at Free BSD
Rocks. Some BSD users seem indifferent if Linux or BSD comes through in the
end. If Free BSD is better, shouldn't it get together?

Sorry, I'm a historian. I still think how if Tucker Motors had succeded,
the Germans and other Europeans would all be wanting American cars. Instead
we worship thir cars?!

Anyway, I'd appreciate your comments...

Calvin Bowen

Okinawa, Japan