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Re: FreeBSD 2.2.6 CDROMs

>Hey all,
>I just remembered that I have a box (22 copies) of 2.2.6 CDROMs. when
>2.2.7 came out Jordan Hubbard sent me a couple of boxes for the users
>group I was part of at the time. 2.2.6 is a bit old now but still a
>really great release. If anyone has need for a copy or two let me know.
>It would be cool to give to a friend or someone that is interested in
>FreeBSD but doesnt necesarily want to fork out the money yet. These are
>all the full 4 cd sets.

Hey Bill;

   Sometime I would like to have a couple of the 2.2.6 distributions to 
give to some people.  Also, I recommend that people who want to use 
FreeBSD buy it through  "www.indelible-blue.com".  I picked up my copy 
of 2.2.7 release, 4 CD's and a 1700 Page book for $35 (that's less that 
wlanut Creek's $69.95.  Here's a direct link... chekc it out




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